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    Logo of CCIOLA
    CCIOLA,Chinese Pinyin “Chilan”,means ride flying in the sky which symbolizes freedom and democracynward.It comes from the Greek word “LUCCIOLA”, means firefly, fireflies are with Natural, Romantic and Power.CCIOLA companyis taking responsibility forall of our family peoples back to the nature andusing our power to search forthe…[Читать далее]

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    Carbon molecular sieve physical and chemical indicators:
    1路Particle diameter: 1.0-1.8mm
    2路Adsorption cycle: 2 * 60S
    3路Bulk density: 660-700g / l
    4路Compressive strength: 鈮?00N / piece Min.
    5路Dust content: 鈮?00PPM
    Carbon molecular sieve main models:
    CMS-200, CMS-220, CMS-240, CMS-260.
    Carbon molecular sieve air separation nitrogen has been widely u…[Читать далее]

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    Inflatable pool balls cleaning machine
    Easyfun ball pool washing machine can not only wash the ball, but also disinfect and dry the ball. It is widely used in all children’s ocean ball pools and naughty castles.

    Ball washing machine details
    Balls pit cleaning machine parameters
    Product NameInflatable pool balls cleaning…[Читать далее]

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